Organic living has risen across the Middle East in recent years, from local farmers markets to vegan cafes, expatriates and locals alike are more conscious than ever to live clean. Founder of Beautiful Brands, Anna Van Rosenveldt identified a gap in the market to compliment this growth with the best in natural beauty, she wanted to give people in the Middle East a more natural beauty solution for themselves and their families. After sourcing a selection of beauty brands that shared her strong beliefs, Anna recruited Gemma O’Dwyer as Brand Manager. Both sharing a passion for natural products, their ethical stance and business acumen led to the successful launch of Beautiful Brands in 2013.



Anna Van Rosenveldt founded Beautiful Brands in 2013. Her concept for Beautiful Brands was simple; to support the growing awareness of having an eco-sustainable planet, with the belief that what you put on your body and hair contributes to this. Anna sourced niche companies from around the world that shared the same ethical beliefs as her, she also focused on brands that did not compromise on results from traditional, well known chemical based brands. A contributing factor to Anna’s relentless entrepreneurial spirit in growing Beautiful Brands is to provide a safer beginning for Mother’s and their babies.

In just three years Anna now has an extensive portfolio of natural brands she has brought to the MENA region under the Beautiful Brands umbrella; Urban Veda, The Konjac Sponge Company, Balanced Guru, Grown Alchemist, Rahua Beauty & Water Wipes.


Brand Manager

My passion for Cosmetics started at Beauty School when I was 18 years old. Over the years I’ve seen an array of beauty trends come on the scene, some which have been fantastic…some not so fantastic! Having said that, the beauty industry has amazed me, shocked me and inspired me to be the ‘Beauty Obsessed’ addict that I am today. The latest trend; Organic and Natural Beauty is a fantastic breakthrough. With more niche beauty brands catching onto this, we have now finally moved away from the traditional stereotype of natural beauty, and stepped into cosmetics future!

It is my job as Brand Manager at Beautiful Brands, to introduce to you natural beauty products that really do work! Finally, our eyes have been opened to the harmful effects of Chemical filled beauty products, so that we can now make educated and conscious choices as to what we apply to our bodies to lead a less toxic, healthier life.


Social & Digital Media Manager

The beauty of social media is the ability to tell your brand’s story daily to a global audience, inspire opinions and debate through imagery and to get feedback instantly based on likes, engagement and comments. This is why I love Social Media. I genuinely believe that a huge contributing factor to the rapid growth of Natural Beauty is digital media. If we are unsure about a chemical ingredient in our products we can google its authenticity or find an undercover You Tube documentary on 10 reasons why to banish it from your life! This is 2016, there is nowhere to hide if your brand is unethical!

Hence why my role at Beautiful Brands is a forfiling one! I get to produce content on brands that I genuinely believe in! As our audiences grow organically I truly hope that we have influenced people through our Social Media to choose “ empowering beauty choices “ for themselves, their families, the planet and a friend or two!

At Beautiful Brands our vision is to put clean beauty products at the forefront of every day life choices for all people. Our business idea supports our vision by offering a vast range of natural beauty brands that can be used by all the family, thus impacting generations young and old to establish a healthy connection with what they put on their skin as an empowering life choice.

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