Pure Active AHA & Enzyme Peel


A 3-step peel: Scrub – ‘Oil attracts Oil’ Massage – Wipe & Rinse

The special blend of plant oils attracts excessive sebum within the pores bringing it to the surface, Pineapple enzyme dissolves it and acids from Muscovado sugar remove surface dead skin cells altogether. Expect to see refined pores, a revitalized, brightened complexion, and experience a renewed, baby-soft skin.

30 ml.

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Plant Oils Complex attracts excessive sebum from pores to surface

Pineapple Enzyme decomposes excessive sebum

Muscovado Sugar, a natural AHA acid, gently removes dead skin cells

Shea Butter replenishes moisture and softens skin

Chinese Peppermint & Citrus Complex stimulate and brighten

1-2 times a week, take 1-2 pea sized product & spread onto face. With dry fingers, gently scrub in circular motion. Then damp your fingers with water, massage into face & melt the sugar & oil into a silky emulsion. Rinse with warm water and final splashes of cold water.