Simple Habits for Self Love

Self-care is so important. If you are going through periods of deep sadness, breakups, friendship drama or just need a little pick-me up, creating habits of treating yourself and actively loving yourself can make you feel more confident, it can be hard to know where to start when you already feel so depleted. Here’s 5 ideas for how to treat yourself, your sister or your BFF to some self love.

Schedule in ‘You Time’ every week to boost your mood & encourage Positive Thinking.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing TBTRs — throwback Tuesday rituals. Each Tuesday, I engage in a joy-sparking activity that evokes childhood with a friend. For example: watching childhood classics, pinning cartoons to a nostalgia board on Pinterest, and listening to oldies on my coming-of-age playlist.

Go Offline for 24 or 48 hours

Spending hours scrolling on social media can really affect our mental health. It can lead us into anxious thoughts, feelings of loneliness and depression. Spending a day or two without it can make you feel more present in the moment and present in your conversations with people! 

Speak to and about yourself with Respect

Using affirmations on a daily basis can switch your negative thought patterns into positive ones.

They can also boost your self-esteem and confidence and give you the extra motivation to keep going and keep fighting! 

Just say these out;

1. I am safe and in control 

2. My feelings are valid 

3. I am enough just as I am 

4. I am worthy of love and respect 

5. I am exactly where I need to be 

Take A Compliment 

Learn how to just say ‘Thank You’ if someone gives you a compliment because that’s their opinion!

Start Prioritising Your Mind’s Peace

A lot of us don’t realise the importance of being loyal to ourselves. It’s time for you to start being loyal to your own peace of mind. This could mean setting boundaries and staying true to them, letting go of regret, making time for yourself or even saying ‘no’ when you want to. 

Getting Moving

Making fitness fun isn’t as hard as it may sound or feel – in fact, just a few simple adjustments to your routine will help you look forward to it. 

– Remember no matter if it’s 5 mins, 15 mins or 50 minutes of moving your body…it helps!

– Do activities that you look forward to. switch up your routine to keep things interesting

– Exercise with a friend 

– Listen to a great playlist to keep things interesting

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