#WednesdayWellness: Issue #7

This article has been written by: Suzie Hart

How to show up even when you’re not feeling it.

It’s the middle of the week again. That exhaustion might be kicking in, the dark circles might be looking darker, work is getting more problematic and you may be going through a whirlwind in your personal life. With an on-the-go lifestyle, demanding bosses, heavy workloads and daily setbacks – it can be easy to slowly lose it, because life can often get too much. We’ve all been there. 

Often, in the middle of the week when we’re experiencing either personal struggles or a nervous breakdown, it can be the culmination of several days where one bad thing has hit you after another. Sometimes, if we’re going through an especially difficult time, we may not have the luxury or personal space to be able to break down or cry. For whatever reason, we may need to tough it out and show up for our friends, family and work, because breaking down is just not an option. There are moments where we can and should allow ourselves to cry, but there are also moments where we need to keep going, despite the amount of emotional pain we’re in.

So how do we stay above the water? It comes from analyzing the root of your problems. Ask yourself questions like, ‘When did I first start to feel depressed? What was the cause? What initially set off my anxiety?’ And then, deal with the root cause in a proactive way.


Follow instagram or pinterest accounts which post daily inspirational quotes and content. If you’re religious, you can follow influencers who post scriptures about their faith, or even follow a book plan which has daily spiritual encouragement to help uplift and lead you to a closer relationship with your God.


If you’re someone who’s overly critical of yourself, always look at what you bring to the table. And stop being so hard on yourself. Focus on what you’ve done right even when you’ve royally messed up. There’s always that silver lining.


Have you ever seen movies where women cry in the showers? Or take a long contemplative bubble bath? Water tends to be therapeutic, and can help you think and process things better which is perfect after a long and difficult day. Listen to a playlist in the shower, to make it even better.


It’s such a cliche they tell you in movies when people are stressing out – but take a deep breath. Now take several. Focus on nothing else, except your breathing. Taking a deep breath can help you both relax and feel better, in case you’re feeling down. 

Meditation also has breathing exercises to calm you when you feel like you’re running on empty. It doesn’t need to be a 30 minute or 1 hour session – there are 5 -7 minute meditation exercises available online, if you don’t have the time for a long meditation session.


 Children and pets bring so much joy to those around them. They are guaranteed to help if you’re feeling down or stressed.

Here are a few tips on how to show up when you just don’t feel it. You deserve to feel amazing – for the hard work you do everyday, for the people you’ve put first before yourself and for the times you’ve shown up when life gets too much. 

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